Security Challenge

The CrySyS Security Challenge is a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition organized by the CrySyS Lab of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for computer science and electrical engineering students in Hungary. The Security Challenge usually spans over a period of 2 weeks, during which students can solve challenges from different sub-domains of IT security. The Security Challenge runs on the on-line platform for IT security exercises, hence, participants can access the challenges remotely. Best performing students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics will be invited to the CrySyS Student Core.

The CrySyS Security Challenge 2019 is over.

The results are in!
The following competitors will recieve an invitation to the CrySyS Student Core soon:

Place Hash of email address Solved Points
1st D30BAD4A511B2FF2AC87EEE05AD115A9525DF55F 23/25 3600
2nd 8DFD8CF7BDC48F047DD74110A943F879CDF96B97 21/25 3150
3rd 7BF5DA48D2CA10AFE1403F3C3A76A5D83240FB8B 19/25 2700
4th E21E899883B283623DA14DADA268814C77063E10 16/25 2350
5th 4F85CFFA2DE2D3A89595CBBA8697D6FE1BFCDA86 15/25 2150
6th 742AF7B67B334E0939B09EF68CE421838C343F33 13/25 1800
7th D26C7E09A7E1B0892F5CFE51B02CD13BAF526183 12/25 1750
7th 31FEBB290C1B1D8D83520EB7103063D4B164072A 13/25 1750
9th 0FF4CC5432058CEAD5D001084DF0E11F86271618 11/25 1550
9th D556228AAE875395E8B6510B1953DA9F9858E7E4 12/25 1550
11th 801835602C9D970AC6BB85CF600E6A3EC90FB831 11/25 1500

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Dr. Levente Buttyán, Associate Professor

BME Department of Networked Systems and Services,
Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security (CrySyS Lab)
e-mail: buttyan (at)
tel: +36 1 463 1803